This project was created by students in Oakes 150: Queer History and Theory in the US at Oakes College, a residential college at UC Santa Cruz.

US Queer History Timeline
Lina Anderson
Bryanna Fernandez
Aidan Harley
James Moore

Queer Terms Glossary
Angela Cook
Ray Decadiz
Nikki Rider

Queer History Archive
Danielle Chairez
Rob Darrow
Inga Knudson
Miranda Stuart

Course Instructor
Philip Longo, plongo@ucsc.edu

Special Thanks to
Rachel Deblinger and the UCSC Digital Scholarship Commons


The projects used many different sources, but our main course texts were:

Bronski, A Queer History of the United States (2011)
Stryker, Transgender History (2012)

For a complete syllabus and reading list for Oakes 150, see here.


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